Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Repair

ACL repair surgery is necessary when the ACL, a major knee ligament, is torn. ACL tears may be the result of sudden stops or direction changes which can occur with participation in sports like soccer, football, basketball, and even skiing. Although physical therapy may be a recommendation to help an ACL injury heal, reconstructive surgery is usually recommended for athletes who want to remain active in their sport, for people who are experiencing knee instability as a result of the ACL injury and also for severe knee injuries in which another ligament besides the ACL is also injured. To repair a torn ACL, the ligament is surgically replaced with a tendon piece from another part of the body or a donor's tendon. This type of surgery is usually an outpatient operation and performed by an orthopedic surgeon through tiny incisions around the knee. After the procedure, patients undergo a progressive physical therapy scheduled to help rehabilitate the knee. The team of experienced and dedicated surgeons and staff at Riverside University Physicians is highly-trained and skilled in repairing ACL injuries and getting our patients back to living the active lives they love as soon as possible.

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