A bunion is a bony mass that forms at the big toe joint on the inner part of the foot. Although these bony protrusions typically develop slowly, they can grow painful over time. When they cause pain or other symptoms like inflammation, toe deformity or difficulty walking, it may be time to consider a procedure to remove the bunion. A bunionectomy is a type of bunion surgery that completely removes a painful bunion. In addition to pain relief, another goal of a bunionectomy is to realign the bones of the toe and foot. Also, it might be necessary to repair the soft tissue or ligaments and tendons around the big toe if they are too tight on one side and cause the toe to crowd into the other toes on the affected foot. If you or a loved one have been dealing with the painful effects of a bunion, the expert orthopedic team at Riverside University Physicians is here to help you find relief.

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