Carpal Tunnel Release

Once all efforts are first made to treat carpal tunnel injuries as conservatively as possible, surgery can be necessary but effective. The expert orthopedic team at Riverside University Physicians is highly-skilled in Carpal Tunnel Release surgery and has helped many patients return to pain-free living quickly. During the Carpal Tunnel Repair procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision at the base of the palm. In doing so, it exposes the flexible carpal ligament that sits on top of the carpal tunnel. The surgeon then cuts this ligament to relieve pressure on the main nerve and tendons in the wrist. The gap is left alone to heal over time with the body's tissue. Once the procedure is complete, the surgeon closes the skin with only a few sutures. After surgery, the pain and numbness most people feel as a result of Carpal Tunnel injuries is sometimes relieved immediately but can take longer to subside, in some cases. When recommended by the surgeon, recovery can be sped up by rehabilitative physical therapy, especially if the hand in question is a hand that is dominant during on-the-job duties or other activities of daily living.

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