Diabetes and Endocrinology Treatment in Riverside

Successful treatment of diabetes and disorders associated with the endocrine system requires a skillful approach that addresses each patient’s unique situation while maintaining collaborative communication with all care providers. Riverside University Physicians is proud to offer our community with expert, comprehensive treatment options for diabetic and endocrine conditions, through the use of a team approach that includes working closely with all of a patient’s care providers to ensure excellent and individualized care. Treatments provided by our skilled and experienced team of endocrinology experts include:

  • Diabetes Management and Education

Diabetes is a severe medical condition that requires dedicated monitoring by a health care provider and by the patient. However, the good news is, there are millions of people living with diabetes today who can successfully manage the condition. The key to successful diabetes management is education. The expert diabetes and endocrinology team at Riverside University Physicians is proud to provide our community with a wide array of resources and health professionals to assist our patient with getting their diabetes under control. From education on medication management and lifestyle modifications to how to accurately check blood sugar and assess signs of diabetic complications, our expert team believes that knowledge is medicine in successfully treating diabetes. With a highly-trained and skilled team, we partner with our patients so that they are well-cared for and equipped to manage a diabetes diagnosis.

  • Dialysis

When the kidneys are unable to do the job of filtering waste from the body or regulating blood pressure, either due to injury, illness or disease, dialysis is a type of treatment that takes over these functions. Two dialysis types can be used, depending on the condition they are employed to address. Hemodialysis involves a patient’s blood being filtered outside the body, cleaned and then returned to the body. This dialysis type can be performed at a dialysis center or home. Peritoneal dialysis, on the other hand, involves the cleaning of the blood while it is still inside the body. In this type of dialysis, a fluid is placed into the abdominal cavity and is designed to take on the waste from the blood that is passing through. This fluid is then drained away. This type of dialysis is usually done by the patient or a care provider at home. Riverside University Physicians is proud to offer our community dialysis support through a team approach that focuses on the needs of our patients. Our clinical staff are highly skilled and have many years of experience in caring for patients with kidney and other renal conditions that require the use of dialysis so that their health is well-managed and their symptoms are under control.

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