Endobronchial Ultrasound Evaluation and Biopsies (EBUS)

This procedure is utilized by pulmonary physicians to provide patients with accuracy in diagnosing a variety of lung disorder types including cancer, infections or inflammation. The process itself involves the insertion of a flexible tube through the mouth and into the windpipe and lungs. A small camera and ultrasound probe are attached to the end of the bronchoscope and allow the pulmonologist to capture high-quality images of the lungs and lymph nodes so that areas on previous x-rays that indicated further investigation could be given a closer look. In some cases, the doctor will also take small samples of tissue from the lung or surrounding area for biopsy. In some instances, EBUS is performed under general anesthesia, and at other times light sedation is all that is necessary to ensure the patient's comfort. The pulmonary care team at Riverside University Physicians is skilled and experienced in performing EBUS procedures on a wide variety of patients and is honored to offer this service to our community.

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