Hand and Foot Surgeries

At Riverside University Physicians, we offer our patients a variety of non-surgical and surgical treatment options for specific hand and foot conditions. These methods are utilized by highly-trained and skilled orthopedic surgeons and other experts who specialize in the treatment of conditions affecting the hands and feet. Some specific treatment areas include:

  • Bone Grafts

A surgical procedure that repairs bone fractures by replacing missing bone by transplanting bone from another area of the body, from donor bone or from a synthetic material that is made to behave like bone material.

  • Fracture Repair

This type of surgery is necessary when a fractured bone is not healing correctly or is not expected to recover appropriately with a cast or splint. Depending on the extent of the injury, fracture repair may involve a “re-setting” of the bones to their proper position or the placing of screws and plates to keep the fractured bone properly in place.

  • Ligament Reconstruction

When a torn ligament injury is severe, surgery may be necessary to repair it. Ligament reconstruction involves repairing the torn ligament or replacing it with a tendon graft if enough healthy tissue isn’t present for the repair to otherwise “hold.”  Physical therapy and exercise rehabilitation follow ligament reconstruction repair surgeries.

  • Tendon Grafts

When a tendon injury occurs is severe enough that non-invasive methods do not provide an adequate solution, tendon repair surgery might be the right next step. In cases where a tendon injury has caused damage to the tendon tissue in need of repair, it might be necessary to utilize tendon material from another part of the body and “graft” it onto the affected tendon. Healing from tendon graft surgery can take up to 12 weeks, with physical therapy also an integral part of the recovery process.

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