Hand Reconstruction

Whether due to injury or an arthritic condition, when the hand is in chronic pain or is suffering from deformity, surgery may be an effective treatment option when non-invasive methods have failed to provide adequate symptom relief. When a surgeon reconstructs a hip or knee joint, for example, the use of plastic, metal or ceramic parts is usually employed to “recreate” the natural movement of those joints. But the hands and wrists don’t often respond particularly well to these types of implants. So, the surgeon must then perform a procedure to reconstruct the damaged parts of the hand to provide relief from pain, disability or dysfunction as well as other symptoms. Often, this includes the removal of damaged bones or fusion of bones together to eliminate the painful “bone-on-bone” sensation that can be caused by some arthritic hand conditions. The expert orthopedic team at Riverside University Physicians is skilled in providing hand reconstruction procedures that result in good outcomes for our patients through the relief of pain and restoration of proper hand function.

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