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Musculoskeletal - Orthopedics & Spine

The human body is no stranger to illnesses and injuries that can cause the bones, joints or muscles to painfully malfunction. Called “musculoskeletal conditions” by the medical community, the varying degrees of pain, disability or disfigurement that these conditions may bring can happen to any person – no matter their gender or age. Moreover, when a musculoskeletal issue does not receive appropriate and necessary treatment, it can rob the person experiencing it of living the active life they want. Fortunately, the unique field of medicine called orthopedics was developed to help solve the problems faced by people with musculoskeletal conditions.

 When an orthopedic injury or illness has progressed to the point where surgical intervention is required to restore proper function and relieve pain, an orthopedic surgeon is the specialized physician who is trained, skilled, and experienced in the surgical treatment of people who have sustained orthopedic injuries or developed orthopedic conditions.

At Riverside University Physicians, our goal is to restore patients to healthy, active living – free from the pain, disability or disfigurement that orthopedic conditions can cause. With a team of respected expert orthopedic surgeons who are board-certified and have received additional sub-specialty training in many cases, our group is honored to provide our community with the latest in surgical treatment advances:

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