ORIF for Fractures

Severe bone fractures and those that won’t otherwise properly heal without intervention can sometimes require a more complicated procedure to fix them. The term ORIF stands for “open reduction internal fixation,” and it is a surgery performed in two parts by an orthopedic surgeon. The first part of the procedure involves the repositioning of the broken bones to restore their proper alignment. During the next part of the operation, the surgeon uses a type of implant to keep the broken bones together – providing strength and stability during the bone-healing process. These implant types could include screws, rods or pins that are designed to stay in the body once healing is complete but may be removed at some point via a second operation if the implant was only intended to remain in place during healing. Appropriate pain management and physical therapy will be prescribed following an ORIF surgery so that patients can return to healthy and active living as soon as possible. The dedicated and experienced team of orthopedics experts at Riverside University Physicians is proud to offer our community a wide array of orthopedic treatment options, including ORIF surgery.

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