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Areas of the body such as the knees, wrists, and hips can be severely affected by a number of conditions that limit range of motion and cause significant pain and discomfort. Cartilage of the joints can become worn down with age or damaged by trauma and disease, ultimately having an effect on your way of life. Joint replacement and other procedures involving treatment of damaged joints require extremely skilled and experienced joint replacement surgeons.

At Riverside University Physicians, our team of specialists offer state-of-the-art techniques to help you reduce pain and improve mobility in areas affected by arthritis and other conditions. 

A surgical procedure designed to remove and replace damaged or arthritic joints with a prosthetic (metal, plastic or ceramic) joint, the goal of total joint replacement is to help restore strength and ability to move the affected joint normally.

  • Total Hip Replacement

Considered one of the most successful types of surgery in the medical field, with more than 300,000 performed each year, total hip replacement surgery involves the removal of damaged hip cartilage and bone, then replacing it with prosthetic parts designed to function exactly the way a healthy human hip does. When considering treatment options for a hip condition, the expert orthopedic team at Riverside University Physicians can aid and guide you or a loved one in deciding whether total hip replacement is the right option.

  • Total Knee Replacement

The knee joint is one of the most complex joints in the human body and allows for the ability to walk, run and climb stairs, among many other activities. When it becomes damaged to the point of pain, dysfunction or disability and other non-invasive treatment measures have failed to provide relief; knee replacement surgery may be a recommendation. This procedure involves the removal of damaged knee cartilage and the replacement of it with metal parts that function just as a human knee joint should. Deciding to have a total knee replacement is something that should be considered carefully between the patient and a trusted physician. The experienced team at Riverside University Physicians is here to help you or a loved one decide whether a knee replacement procedure is a right next step in restoring active and pain-free living.

  • Total Shoulder Replacement

Though not as common as total hip or total knee replacement, total shoulder replacement surgery is successful for many people in alleviating musculoskeletal issues that involve the shoulder. When treatments that don’t include a surgical operation – like medication or physical therapy – have failed to provide adequate relief from shoulder pain or the alleviation of other symptoms, shoulder replacement surgery may be indicated. This procedure involves the removal of damaged shoulder components and the replacement of them with parts that replicate the precise movement and function of a human shoulder. With experts who have specific training in the surgical treatment of shoulder conditions, the team at Riverside University Physicians is honored to provide our community with surgical options to get our patients back to living the lives they love, as soon as possible.

Although we typically only recommend surgery after other methods, such as medication and physical therapy have been attempted, the team here at Riverside University Physicians includes a number of specialists who can perform intricate surgical procedures designed to significantly improve your condition and reduce pain.

Riverside University Physicians is proud to be officially recognized as a Joint Replacement Center of Excellence.

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